Lucas’ Pawpaw Ointment Fever!

When I had my baby, I was breastfeeding and got sore nipples.

My husband went to the chemist for me and he asked what is good for sore nipples and he was told

‘Lucas’ Pawpaw Ointment!’

Lucas’ Pawpaw Ointment has been in Australia for ages (for more than 100 years !) but now it is popular around the world!

A lot of celebrities world-wide, such as Rose Byrne, Miranda Kerr, and Cate Blanchett use Lucas’ Pawpaw ointment and this is contributing to its popularity.

But it really works! Not only on dry cracked nipples but it works for dry hands, chapped lips, nappy rash….

You can see how popular Lucas’ pawpaw ointment is and how it is made in the video below..

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Lucas%20Papaw%20Remedies%20″ autohide=”0″]