About Our Shop

Shop9 85 Lake Street (Main Street Arcade)

– across from Woolworths

I (Mika) have been into natural skin care and health food since I was young because my skin is sensitive and I get rashes very easily whenever I use skin care products full of chemicals.
And also we have a small daughter, whose health and well being is very important to us.As parents my husband and I wanted to give our daughter the best and we always strive to get something good for our daughter as well.
We are definitely against  animal testing but we do ‘human testing’ for every single product in our shop.Our Beast (my husband) did not care that ‘something is good for you’ but he is also part of our ‘human testing’.

Opening Hours:

  • MON-FRI: 9:30-17:00
  • SAT: 9:30-15:00

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